Hello there, you have stumbled across my “about me” page. For starters, I’m most known as Cat and can be contacted at

My love for computers and coding led to my first website in 1999, and well, here I am, still at it. I’m pretty much self taught in HTML/CSS, PHP, Javascript, and Adobe Photoshop. I really love learning as I go. Though I’ve freelanced in webdesign for several years, I graduated college with a BS in Computer Science and currently have a full time job as a software developer.

Seeing how I have a video game graphics site, yes, I do enjoy gaming a lot. It all started when my parents bought me a NES back in the day. I like a variety of games, pretty much everything except realistic sports games. To see my full games collection and what I’m currently playing, check out Inventory Full!

shattered-wingsNET has a full list of my websites, and twilight-realmCOM lists all of my gaming-related sites.