- Catherine (from the game, Catherine)

Since I made a Catherine layout for my own site, I thought I'd make one as a pre-made too! The layout I made for myself mainly featured Katherine, so this one features Catherine.

This layout is also responsive, meaning it's mobile-friendly and will work on tablets and phones. If you don't like the mobile view, you can actually take it out. I have the code separated into their own files, and I've commented in the layout where you can remove it. Give it a try by resizing your browser width though!

Please do not remove the links that go to credited websites, and do not edit this layout except for adding in your own content. If you need help with it, please see this page before e-mailing me for help.

- Cat


1. Extract all of the files from the zip file onto some place on your computer. Make sure they stay in the same folder.

2. Using an HTML or text editor (like Notepad), edit index.html between "BEGIN CONTENT" and "END CONTENT" and between "BEGIN NAVIGATION" and "END NAVIGATION". No other places should be touched.

3. Be sure to upload index.html, style.css, and all of the images. (For mobile view, make sure you upload jquery.js, responsive.js, and responsive.css as well.)

4. Please remember that you cannot alter the format or images of this layout. If you're wondering what you can and cannot edit, please see this page.

Remember: By downloading and/or using my layouts, you show that you have read, understood, and agreed to my terms of usage.