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  • A New Life With You

    Name: A New Life With You

    Features: Boys Next Door

    Date created: 08/29/08

    Credits: N/A


    Here's a scene from the end of the manga. The front is a colorization I did. I then had to edit and redraw the background due to scanning on the binding of the book.
  • The Waiting Game

    Name: The Waiting Game

    Features: Resident Evil 4

    Date created: 08/19/08

    Credits: N/A


    I wish I had larger resolutions for this wallpaper! Unfortunately, that was the largest version of that Ada image I found. The original image had no background, so I created a dark room that hopefully captures the mood of the game.
  • Tomorrow Will Come

    Name: Tomorrow Will Come

    Features: Wild Adapter

    Date created: 04/26/08

    Credits: N/A


    I wanted to use this Wild Adapter (WA) image in a wallpaper, and I immediately thought of a nightscape. The words are actually taken from a different WA image.
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