Terms of Use

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  1. Do not alter the images or the HTML code that structures the layout.

    Of course, you can put your own content in the content and navigation areas.

  2. Layouts may only be used on non-commercial websites.
  3. Do not remove the credited websites, both mine and any resources I used.

    Moving them to a credits page that is visibly linked is fine.

  4. Do not redistribute these layouts on other websites.

    Do not offer my layouts as downloads on other websites.

  5. Layouts are no longer password protected, but if you happen to get one that still is, the password is “puyoda”.


  1. Wallpapers can only be used for personal desktop usage.
  2. Do not place my wallpapers on other websites.
  3. Do not use any of my wallpapers to create other graphics.


  1. You may use my avatars on other websites, like as your forum avatar, social media avatar, or for your updates/blog. However, please do not redistrubute them as resources on another website.
  2. Please save and upload avatars to your own website. Do not direct link.
  3. Linking back is always appreciated!