How to use Iframes Layouts

  1. Extract all of the files from the zip file onto some place on your computer. Make sure they stay in the same folder.
  2. Using an HTML or text editor (like Notepad), edit main.html. If there is a menu.html, edit that for the navigation. Otherwise, the navigation is in index.html between “BEGIN NAVIGATION” and “END NAVIGATION”. No other places or files should be touched.
  3. Be sure to upload all HTML files, style.css, and all of the images.
  4. To make links open in the main frame, make sure that they target “main” like this:
    <a href=”link.html” target=”main”>
  5. If you use a blog host (LiveJournal, Blogspot, etc), then please download a Divs Tables layout. This is a framed layout, and it will not work on blog hosts.
  6. Please remember that you cannot alter the format or images of this layout. If you’re wondering what you can and cannot edit, please see this page.