About the Site

Before Aqua Cure, I owned an Anime graphics site called Fake Wings for over 6 years. Tired of owning the same site for so long and with my lost of interest in Anime, I decided to open a new site that focused on video game graphics instead. Aqua Cure opened January 25th 2009, the same date that Fake Wings closed.

The name Aqua Cure comes from the Resident Evil series. It’s the name of a product that the fictional company, Umbrella Corp, makes.

One of my goals is to provide a variety of styles in my graphics. Though I have a personal style that I like to use on my sites, having a graphics site really let’s me experiment around.

About the Layout

You are currently viewing version 7, which features characters from the game “Catherine“! My last layout had a top navigation and mostly used gray colors. I got a bit tired of that, so this one is much brighter and goes back to having a side navigation.

I had a lot of fun with this game, so I really wanted to feature it in a layout! In case you haven’t played it, Vincent is torn between two girls, Katherine (long-time girlfriend) and Catherine (new girl he met), and he begins having nightmares where he’s a sheep and has to climb up a tower to escape. This layout mainly features Katherine :)

Image from: Creative Uncut
Render by: Racheya
Patterns from: Squidfingers and Inspiration Gallery
Past Layouts: Can be seen on Distant Memory.