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Ambrosial Designs Invisus Designs Jade/Graphics Otaku Junk Pokeshore

Inactive Affiliates

Captured Fragments Hayalkarga

  1. Affiliating with Aqua Cure means that I link to you on every page, and that you can do the same or similar (like linking to an affiliates section on every page).
  2. The exception is if you don’t update your site in over a year. In that case, I will place you on the Inactive Affiliates list until your next update.
  3. I am looking for graphics sites that offer pre-made graphics for visitors or video game sites.
  4. I’m kind of looking for sites with a certain level of quality. I’m not super picky, but I do prefer affiliating with sites that offer graphics that I would like to use myself :)
  5. I do not affiliate with sites that use unofficial or non-profit artwork without permission. See Online Fanarts Protection. (I am ok with published art, but please do not take from an artist’s pixiv/deviantart/tumblr/whatever-art-site without getting permission first.)

Still interested? E-mail me, and I will reply back whether or not your site was accepted!