Any other questions? Feel free to contact me.

  • Can we do a link exchange or be affiliated?

    For affiliation, please read the rules first before applying. I do accept link exchanges, and the links page has more info on that.

  • Can you teach me HTML?

    Sorry, but my coding tutorials are for more advanced CSS uses. Please see W3Schools for some starters on HTML.

  • I’m having problems with one of your layouts, can you help me?

    Definitely; go ahead and shoot me an e-mail. Don’t forget to include your site url while you’re at it! You should also check out the help pages to see if that solves your problem first.

  • What programs do you use?

    For graphics: Adobe Photoshop. For coding: Windows Vim.

  • Will you make me a custom layout?

    I used to offer this at my previous graphics site, but I decided to get rid of it here. I also don’t take any paid requests anymore, sorry.

  • How did you do that?

    If something on my graphics caught your eye, check out graphics tutorials on this site. If it’s not listed there, feel free to request a tutorial for it!