About Myself

Hello there! I’m Cat!

My love for computers and coding led to my first website in 1999, and well, here I am, still at it. I’m pretty much self taught in HTML/CSS, PHP, Javascript, and Adobe Photoshop. I really love learning as I go. Though I’ve freelanced in webdesign for several years, I graduated college with a BS in Computer Science and currently have a full time job as a software developer.

Seeing how I have a video game graphics site, yes, I do enjoy gaming a lot. It all started when my parents bought me a NES back in the day. I like a variety of games, pretty much everything except realistic sports games. To see my full games collection and what I’m currently playing, check out Inventory Full!

shattered-wingsNET has a full list of my websites, and twilight-realmCOM lists all of my gaming-related sites.