Creating a silhouette

February 17th, 2013

This basically takes an extracted image and copies its shape to form a filled-in silhouette.


Please know how to do the following before using this tutorial.


Creating a silhouette - original
Finished result
Creating a silhouette - finished


  1. With the image of your choice, extract it from its background, so that it’s against a transparent background. (Tutorial: Making extractions)
  2. Copy and paste it onto another canvas. I’m going to use a 380×300 canvas, and I’ll move the image to the lower left corner.

    Creating a silhouette - #2

  3. Create a New Layer New Layer under your image.

    Creating a silhouette - #3

  4. Load a selection on the image on the top layer. (Tutorial: Exercise: Selections, step 6)

    Creating a silhouette - #4

  5. Select one of the marquee tools, like the Rectangular Marquee Rectangular Marquee, and then move your selection where ever you want.

    Creating a silhouette - #5

  6. Select the layer under your image. (Mine is named Layer 2.) Use the Paint Bucket Paint Bucket to fill the selection with the color of your choice.

    Creating a silhouette - #6

  7. Play around with it, add more shapes if you want, and you’re done!

    Creating a silhouette - finished

Image credit: berenika at Freeimages

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