Exercise: Selections

February 17th, 2013

The following are taught in this exercise: creating a new layer, creating and filling a selection, and loading a selection. These are very basic steps that are important to learn.


  1. Create a new canvas (File >> New). Any size is okay. I will be using 200×200 pixels though.
  2. Create a new layer

    You can go to Layer >> New >> Layer
    OR hit Ctrl + Shift + N
    OR click the New Layer button New Layer at the bottom of the Layers panel.

    Making selections - #2

  3. Create a selection

    Using the Rectangular Marquee tool Rectangular Marquee, create a rectangular selection on the new layer. If you want to make a square, you can hold Shift while making the shape.

    Exercise: Selections - #3

  4. Fill the selection

    Using the Paint Bucket tool Paint Bucket, fill your selection.

    Exercise: Selections - #4

  5. Deselect

    Go to Select >> Deselect
    OR hit Ctrl + D
    OR click outside of your selection.

    Exercise: Selections - #5

  6. Load a selection

    Go to Select >> Load Selection
    OR while holding Ctrl, click on the layer with the rectangle in your Layers panel.

    Exercise: Selections - #6

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