Finally, a graphics update

March 15th, 2013

It’s been… almost a year since I last added a new pre-made layout? Man, that’s a long time. It feels good to be designing again though, so hopefully I’ll keep this up. Now for the updates!

Layouts: There is 1 new layout featuring the DS game, 999.

Graphics tutorials: I’m still working on moving over graphics tutorials from Himitsu. After I finish that, I’ll figure out a way to categorize them.

Link exchanges: Unimagine, Ariashii

I have another layout planned, which will hopefully be the first WordPress theme I add to the site. I’ve been wanting to add a WordPress section for a while now, so I plan on converting some existing layouts to WordPress themes as well.

4 responses to “Finally, a graphics update”

  1. Megori says:

    The new layout looks amazing! I love it. The blues on it are a great contrast to everything else.

  2. Edel says:

    I’m a long time silent visitor to Aqua Cure (since 2009/2010 oh goodness), and I’m so glad to see you still updating! I also noticed your Assassin’s Creed layouts and silently screamed from happiness.

    I look forward to the WordPress layouts. Even though it’s not “too” complicated to convert normal layouts to WordPress, it’ll be good for those who aren’t familiar to WordPress, yeah?

    Have an awesome day!

    • Cat says:

      Wow, thanks for follow Aqua Cure over the years! I plan on adding more Assassin’s Creed layouts too. I’d like to make at least one for each game in the series :D

      That’s my hope that adding WordPress themes will help those who aren’t familiar with making them. I feel like a lot of sites are moving towards WordPress now. I should hopefully have a couple to add soon!

  3. Nise says:

    Love the layout, it looks good! Glad to see your still here updating.

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