Wispy Lines

March 16th, 2013

How to make some wispy lines that have a light, airy look.


Finished Result
Wispy Lines - finished


  1. Open a new canvas. I will be using a 400x400px one.
  2. Use the Paint Bucket , fill the Background layer with any color that will make white easy to see. For example, I am using black.

    Wispy Lines - #2

  3. Make a New Layer .

    Wispy Lines - #3

  4. Use a Paint Brush of any size and make a white blob in the top right corner of the new layer.

    Wispy Lines - #4

  5. Go to Filter >> Distort >> Ripple. Set the Amount to 999% and the Size to Large.

    Wispy Lines - #5

    Hit OK, and then use Ctrl+F to apply the same filter again. (We wanted this ripple to happen twice.)

    Wispy Lines - #5

  6. Go to Filter >> Blur >> Radial Blur. Set the Amount to 100, Blur Method to Zoom, and move the Blur Center to the top right.

    Wispy Lines - #6

    Like before, we want to do this filter twice. Hit OK, and then use Ctrl+F to apply the radial blur a second time.

    Wispy Lines - #6

    (Tip: Cltr+F applies the last filter you used. This is why it did a radial blur this time instead of a ripple.)

  7. Go to Filter >> Sharpen >> Unsharp Mask. Set the Amount to 500%.

    Wispy Lines - #7

    This will help define our lines. It now looks like this:

    Wispy Lines - #7

  8. To smooth it out, do another Radial Blur, using the same exact settings as before.

    Wispy Lines - #8

  9. For the final touch, go to Filter >> Distort >> Shear. Set Undefined Areas to Repeat Edge Pixels. Then, make an S shape with the line.

    Wispy Lines - #9

    Now we’re pretty much done:

    Wispy Lines - #9

  10. Apply it to other images for a nifty addition, and that’s it!

    Wispy Lines - finished

Image credit: RAWKU5 at Freeimages

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