Making and using patterns

July 31st, 2013

You can turn anything into a pattern that Photoshop will store. You can then have Photoshop repeat it for you over an area.


Patterns - original
Finished result
Patterns - finished


  1. We want to make just one part of a pattern that can be repeated several times. Let’s start with a new canvas (File >> New). I will be using a 3x3px canvas.
  2. In your Layers window, create a New Layer .

    Patterns -#2

  3. Still in your Layers window, select the Background layer and delete it . You should have a single, transparent layer now.

    Patterns - #3

  4. Make your pattern on this layer. I am making a grid pattern, so I will use the Pencil tool to draw a corner.

    Patterns - #4

  5. Go to Edit >> Define Pattern. Name the pattern and then hit OK.

    Patterns - #5

  6. Now you have stored a pattern! Whenever you want to use it, go to Edit >> Fill. Set “Use” to Pattern, and then select your pattern from the Custom Pattern list.

    Patterns #6

Pattern examples

pattern_ex02 pattern_ex03 pattern_ex04 pattern_ex05 pattern_ex06

Image credit: sundstrom

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