Metallic Button

August 14th, 2013

This tutorial will make an oval-shaped inset button, though you can apply the same technique to different shapes.


Finished result
Metallic Button - finished


  1. Open a new blank canvas. I will be using a 120x50px one.
  2. Make a New Layer .

    Metallic Button - #2

  3. Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool (which is in the same menu as the Rectangle Tool).

    Make sure Fill Pixels is selected (formally called “Create filled region”) and set a high number for the radius. I’m using 20px.

    Metallic Button - #3

  4. On your new layer, create a small rounded rectangle.

    Metallic Button - #4

  5. Duplicate the layer by hitting Ctrl+J or by right clicking the layer and selecting “Duplicate layer”. I have renamed my layers to top and bottom.

    Metallic Button - #5

  6. On layer top, choose Bevel and Emboss in the Layer Styles .

    Use an Inner Bevel with Smooth as the Technique and Up as the Direction.

    Metallic Button - #6

    Adjust the Size and Soften so that you get a smooth 3D button, like this:

    Metallic Button - #6

  7. Now select layer bottom, and select Bevel and Emboss again in the Layer Styles .

    This time, use an Outer Bevel with Chisel Hard as the Technique and Down as the Direction.

    Metallic Button - #7

    Also, lower the Size, so that the button is slightly inset, like this:

    Metallic Button - #7

  8. Using the same color as your button, use the Paint Bucket to fill the color on your Background layer.

    Metallic Button - #8

  9. And that’s it! You can also add text below the button using the same Bevel and Emboss technique.

    Metallic Button - finished

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