Grainy Texture

February 2nd, 2014

This is an easy way of adding a slight grainy texture to give an older feel to an image.


Grainy Texture - original
Finished result
Grainy Texture - finished


  1. Copy and paste the image of your choice onto a new canvas.
  2. Select your image in the Layers panel and Duplicate it (Ctrl+J).

    Grainy Texture - #2

  3. Now we want to take that duplicate (the layer on the top) and Desaturate it. You can do this by hitting Ctrl + Shift + U or by going to Image >> Adjust >> Desaturate.

    Grainy Texture - #3

  4. Next, go to Filter >> Noise >> Add Noise. Set it to Gaussian and check Monochromatic. Play around with the amount so that it’s near 80%.

    Grainy Texture - #4

    It should look like this afterwards.

    Grainy Texture - #4

  5. Change the Blending Mode of the top layer from Normal to Soft Light.

    Grainy Texture - #5

    It will look like this, which is too grainy.

    Grainy Texture - #5

  6. To make it less noticeable, lower the top layer’s Opacity. It’s usually good around 10-30%.

    Grainy Texture - #6

    And here is how it looks in the end!

    Grainy Texture - finished

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