Metallic Wires

February 2nd, 2014

This is a simple way to make metallic looking wires.


Please know how to do the following before using this tutorial.


Finished result
Metallic Wires - finished


  1. Open a new, blank canvas. I will be using a 300x150px one.
  2. Create a New Layer . I will name mine wire bg.

    Metallica Wires - #2

  3. Using the Rectangular Marquee , make a selection that is about 25px in height.

    Metallic Wires - #3

  4. On layer wire bg, fill the selection with a light grey color using the Paint Bucket tool .

    Metallic Wires - #4

  5. Choose a dark grey color, and then select the Gradient tool . Make sure the gradient goes from color to transparent and is a Linear Gradient.

    Metallic Wires - #5

  6. Create a gradient from the top to about halfway down.

    Metallic Wire - #6

  7. Create another gradient from the bottom to about halfway up.

    Metallic Wires - #7

  8. On a separate canvas that is 12px wide, create a pattern. It should have 1px white, 1px black, and 12px of transparent space. (Tutorial: Making and using patterns)

    Metallic Wires - #8

  9. Back to our first canvas, make a New Layer . I will name mine lines.

    Metallic Wires - #9

  10. Make sure the selection is still around the wire background. Fill the selection with the pattern that we just created onto layer lines.

    Metallic Wires - #10

  11. Lower the Opacity of layer lines to about 30%.

    Metallic Wires - #11

    Now we have…

    Metallic Wires - #11

  12. Make another New Layer above the Background layer. I will name mine shadow.

    Metallic Wires - #12

  13. With the selection still around the wire, fill layer shadow with black using the Paint Bucket tool .

    (This won’t show up yet since it’s behind the wire, so I’m just showing a preview of the layer.)

    Metallic Wires - #13

  14. Now we’re finally done with the selection around the wire that we’ve been holding onto.

    Deselect the selection (Ctrl + D), and apply a Gaussian Blur on layer shadow (Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur). Set it to about 4 or 5px.

    Metallic Wires - #14

  15. Duplicate layer shadow (Ctrl + J) to make the shadow a little darker.

    Metallic Wires - #15

  16. That’s it! Make as many as you want!

    Metallic Wires - finished

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