New cute wallpapers

April 17th, 2015

It’s been a while since I updated the wallpapers section! I have two new ones, both feature my photos. One is a photo I took of my Wind Waker Link nendoroid, and the other is of a Kirby figure set I got recently.

I’ve been focusing on my photography more lately and have been doing a Project 52. It’s where I take a serious photo every week for a year, and both photos are from this. I really liked them and thought they were super cute, so I turned them into desktop wallpapers :)

I’ve also done a bit of clean-up. The wallpapers section now has a series filter. (Layouts and avatars already had it. I just never added it to wallpapers.) A few pages here and there have been rewritten, and I also retired one of my Aion layouts.

2 responses to “New cute wallpapers”

  1. Sammii says:

    Hey~ Just wanted you to know that Fantajibijon has a new name and link :)

    I love the new wallpapers by the way!

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