New affiliate and contact form fixed

May 3rd, 2015

I’m happy to welcome back an affiliate, Miria of Otaku Junk! We were affiliates before, and it’s nice to see her site back, so please go visit it :D

She also let me know that my email form wasn’t working, so if you never got a reply from me, please email me again! I really try to reply to every email I get. The exception is, of course, if I never get it! I’ve fixed my form to go through Mandrill now, so it should be much more reliable.

No graphics update this time around, but I really want to change the layout on this site. I just have no ideas at the moment :( Hopefully I’ll come up with something soon!

8 responses to “New affiliate and contact form fixed”

  1. My says:

    Hiya~! Stopping by x3 hope ur well <3

  2. Miria says:

    Yay for a fixed form! Thanks Cat :)
    Ouu I can’t wait to see the new version once you figure something out :P

  3. Miria says:

    Cat! I was wondering, do you think you can maybe write a tutorial on how to clean up images? Such as :

    How you did that?? That would make an amazing tutorial one day if you ever have the time to make it!

    • Cat says:

      Thanks for the tutorial suggestion, Miria :D I think that’s a good idea, though a bit complicated because it varies from image to image, haha. I can probably put together some tips and techniques though!

      • Miria says:

        Thats true! I’d love to learn how to clean up scans as nicely as you do! I was thinking I might add a wallpaper section but I’ve never made much wallpapers so I’m a bit hesitant since they probably wont be that great… :P

    • Cat says:

      haha, my first wallpapers were pretty bad, but everyone has to start somewhere :) I think you should give it a try!

      • Miria says:

        I guess it can’t hurt… :P I should have honed my skills in them at least a bit all this time. It’s sad I’m just trying now..

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