Dishonored Avatars

September 13th, 2015

Sorry for the absence! While summer means a break for many people, it’s actually my busiest time of the year! I mentor summer interns at work, and it’s also Anime convention season, which means I’m making cosplays and taking photos for other cosplayers.

I’m at the tail end of it now. My interns have gone back to school, and I just got back from my last convention of the year. This means, there are new graphics updates!

Avatars: There are 8 new avatars of Dishonored, in both 100×100 and 200×200 sizes.

I also plan on adding a Dishonored layout, but I wanted to update with these avatars first as a, “oh hey I’m still here” type of thing ;) I’m hoping to get back into updating more often!

2 responses to “Dishonored Avatars”

  1. Kristin says:

    Love the new icons- looking forward to a layout. Glad your busy summer is finally winding down. Must feel good to have some time to breathe and be creative :)

  2. Miria says:

    Please come back soon<3

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