Altering Backgrounds

April 16th, 2013

You can use this technique to alter only the background of an image, without affecting the foreground. I like using this when I want to keep the background but also want to make the character stand out more.



Altering Backgrounds - original

Finished result
Altering Backgrounds - finished


  1. Copy and paste your image onto a new canvas.

    Altering Backgrounds - #1

  2. Duplicate the layer (Ctrl+J or right click and select Duplicate Layer). Now we have 2 layers with the same image.

    Altering Backgrounds - #2

  3. Hide the bottom layer by clicking the little eye icon next to it.

    Altering Backgrounds - #3

  4. On the top layer, create an extraction of the character or whatever is in the foreground. (Tutorial: Making extractions)

    Altering Background - #4

  5. Show the bottom layer again by clicking where the eye icon used to be.

    Altering Backgrounds - #5

    It should look no different from before, but now we have the foreground and background separated on different layers.

    Altering Backgrounds - original

  6. Now you can edit the bottom layer however you wish, and the foreground will not be affected.

    Altering Backgrounds - #5

  7. You can also insert a layer between the two to change the background even more.

    Altering Backgrounds - #7

    Which now looks like this!

    Altering Backgrounds - finished

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