Long time no see

December 17th, 2014

It’s been several months, hasn’t it? Well, I have updates with me at least!

Avatars: There are new avatars from the game, Transistor, in both 100×100 and 200×200 sizes. I have many more screenshots that I took while playing the game, so I hope to make more later.

Tutorials: I moved over the Grungy border tutorial from Himitsu. I still have 7 more tutorials I want to move over before I can close Himitsu and continue the tutorials here instead.

Links: I cleared out a few broken links and also joined a top site! (See link in footer.)

I haven’t been updating much this year mainly because…

1. I’ve been busy with my other hobbies. I’m usually doing photography, making cosplays, or playing video games instead of making graphics.

2. I’ve been wondering what to do with this site. I feel like many graphics offered in the past aren’t as useful now, and this site needs to get with the times. I should make WordPress versions of my layouts or look into other types of graphics.

Don’t worry though. This site isn’t going anywhere. I like it too much to close it, but I do want to keep it relevant. I just need to figure out how to move forward from here :)

4 responses to “Long time no see”

  1. Kidori says:

    Loving the icons Cat! The 200×200 size is definitely more appealing to me because let’s face it, I’m getting old and my vision is pretty much shot (haha).

    I agree with you in regards to keeping up with the trends with webdesigning. Everything has changed–including the coding which I will have to relearn. I’m just glad you’re still around and chugging along with me! *hugs* :)

    • Cat says:

      Thanks Kidori! I’ve noticed that most sites allow larger avatars now, so I’ve been tending towards making larger ones to match :) I’m glad you’re still around with me too! *hugs* :D

  2. Amarie says:

    Love the site! Can’t wait to see your ideas for keeping it relevant. That’s hard to do these days. I love your site as is ;)

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