Another update already?

February 15th, 2015

What’s this?! Two updates in one month! I can’t remember the last time that happened! I’m hoping to spend a bit more time with this site this year, especially since it was neglected so much last year.

Avatars: Yet again, new Transistor avatars have been added in both 100×100 and 200×200 sizes. There is now an avatar for every Camerata member in the game.

Graphics tutorials: I have finally moved over all Graphics tutorials from my old tutorials site. The newest ones moved over are: Textured Metal Orb, Quick Mask, Layer Masks, and Pen Tool.

I’m hoping to work on new layouts next!

One response to “Another update already?”

  1. Kidori says:

    Ack! How could I have missed this update?! Well, I love the new additions! Your designs is making me itching to purchase a gaming console! Every time I look at your Zelda layout, it makes me want to play Wind Waker again.

    But I digress! I’m glad you’ve finally moved all the tutorials over. Please make more soon! I need to brush up on my coding and designing skills! :)

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